Reading Capital

So I’m reading Capital, and some people might ask why? Well I’m not sure it really requires that much of an explanation but I’ll give a short one anyway. I don’t think anyone would say that capitalism is a perfect system. Even its most ardent supporters would admit that there are flaws. Capital is a critique of capitalism, an investigation into how it works. It seems to me that this would still be a valuable resource even now in the 21st century. Its influence has been enormous, you just have to look at the past century to see that. I also think it’ll just be, you know, interesting. Regardless of what you think of Marx and Marxism I think you have to say he was a pretty smart guy and that reading his most important work might provide a couple of insights. Since we live in a world where Marx’s thoughts are dismissed and perhaps misrepresented, I think reading his ideas from the source may be somewhat valuable. At the very least those insights may make me look at how the world works in a slightly different way. Also, of course, I’m bit of a lefty. I’ll be using other sources to help my understanding of the book since it is a little bit heavy going, but I hope to come out of it having learned something. I’m gonna try writing about what I’ve read, chart my progress as it were. I’m a beginner at this, so expect mistakes and misinterpretations, but hopefully I’ll muddle my way through and gain some understanding.


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